Geo Chem commences textile, fabric and garment testing from Yarn/ fabric samples up to the finished goods. We provide testing for the items including active wear, pyjamas, jeans, scarves, shirts, sweaters, outerwear, belts, valets bedding, curtains, towels, soft home furnishing, carpets, rugs, bathmats and others. We measure the attributes and performance comfort properties of any type of clothing in varied environmental conditions.

Testing services for apparel & textile items:

  • Fibre Composition analysis
  • Dimensional stability Test (shrinkage test)
  • Stain Resistance/ Stain release performance Test
  • Water absorbency/ Water repellence Test
  • pH test
  • Seam strength, Seam Slippage, Seam bursting Test
  • Fabric Weight / GSM Test (for knitted& woven garments)
  • Antibacterial finish durability Test
  • Extractable Heavy metals
  • Azo test, PCP, Formaldehyde, APEO/ NPEO, phthalates, etc.
  • Breathability Test, Air Permeability test (sportswear)
  • Colour matching/ colour staining tests
  • REACh – SVHC Test
  • RSL (Restricted Substance Test)
  • Appearance Test ( after wash/ dry clean cycle)
  • Flammability Testing (Apparels, Nightwear, Carpets, Soft Toys, etc.)
  • Zip Quality Test ( Zipper strength, Zipper reciprocation test)
  • Peel bond Strength Test (Pasted materials)