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Laboratory Accreditation Certificate


Geo Chem Consumer products Services (CPS) LTD.


This Certificate specifies that the laboratory named above has been found competent to carry out

The tests stated below in an accurate competent and proficien manner.


Cooler Fastness TM1 Fastness to light


TM2 Fastness to Washing


TM2a Cross staining to Washing


TM3 Fastness to Dry cleaning


TM3a Cross Staining to Dry cleaning


TM4 Fastness to Water


TM4a Cross Staining to Water


TM5 Fastness to Chlorinated Water


TM6 Fastness to Rubbing


Dimensional Stability Appearance Assessment Ofter Laundering


TM 7 Print Durability


TM7a Embellishment Durability (Children swear)


TM7b Embellishment Assessment after 5x label Washes


TM 7c Foil Durability


TM8 Durawash appearance for garments? Products


TM9 Appearance Assessment after washing


TM9a Appearance Assessment after dry Cleaning


TM11 Polar fleece Assessment


TM 12 Dimensional stability to Washing


TM13 Spirality



TM14 Dimensional Stability to Dry Cleaning


TM15 Wira Steam Stability


TM16 Grab Strength/Seam Slippage


TM16A Seam Slippage of Garment Seams


TM17 Tear Strength


TM 18 Martindale Abrasion


Physical Performance


TM 18a Abrasion Resistance for Flat Home Fabrics


TM18b Abrasion Resistance for Pile home Fabrics


TM 19 pilling Resistance


TM 20 Mass per Unit Area/Gsm


TM 21 Extension And Modulus


TM 21a Extension and Recovery


TM22 Bursting Strength


TM23 Spray Rating


TM24 Assessment of Easy to Iron Fabrics


TM 25 Wing Rip Tear Strength


TM 26 Swiss Pilling


TM 26a Swiss pilling for Home Fabrics


TM27 Breaking Strength


TM30 Assessment of Non-Iron Fabrics


TM30A Assessment of Seam Pucker


TM31 Accelerator Pile Loss


TM 32 Water Spotting


TM 32A Oil Spotting


TM 33 pH of Aqueous Extract


TM34 Dimensional Stability to Washing of Socks


TM 36 Bra Wire Casing



TM36a Appearance of under wired lingerie


TM36b Stability & Appearance of underwired lingerie




TM 37 Button Strength


TM 38 Bow ANs Skew Of Fabrics


TM 38A Bow and Skew of Garments


TM 42 Attachment Strength


TM 42a Security of Unattached Components


TM43 phenolic yellowing


TM 45 Handle Attachment Strength


TM 46 Belt Buckle Strength


TM48 Fastness to saliva


TM51 Fastness to Sea Water


TM 52 Fastness to perspiration


TM 55 Fastness to Oxidative Bleach


TM 58 Moisture Management