Geo Chem’s complete inspection services regarding textile and apparel assist in delivering top-most quality of products to market it with agility and precision. We can analyse defects and whether compliance is meet during entire stages of production. We provide the following inspections to evaluate pre, post and during inspection of the product.

Pre-Production Inspection:

  • Before mass production, usually there is no finished product from mass production in factory.
  • We will check raw material for quantity and functional quality, do Identification of material.
  • If any semi-finished product or finished product is available, we may check their quality by sampling.
  • If packaging material and/or packaging method is available, we may check them

Inspection items generally include, but not limited to the following:

  • Raw material inventory
  • Product description, style & colour
  • Workmanship
  • Data measurement / check
  • Form of packaging
  • Shipping mark
  • Other item(s) specified by the applicant

During Production Inspection:

  • When 10% - 20% of the goods had been checked and packed, or the percentage specified by the applicant.
  • It shall find out defects in the earliest stages.
  • Check semi-finished goods on every production processes (production status) and the key production processes shall be displayed on report by means of photos, if necessary.
  • Proportionally and randomly check the goods by AQL standard from packed and finished products, if applicable. (Level I or otherwise inspection level specified by the applicant)
  • Record the size or color, which will not be available for inspection.
  • Inspection items are generally included, but not limited to the following:
    • Production status
    • Order & sample monitoring
    • In-process control
    • Workmanship
    • Data measurement / check
    • Work environment
    • Form of packaging
    • Shipping mark
  • Final Random Inspection
  • The inspection is done when at least 80% of the lot had been packed into export carton and the rest 20% shall also finish production and ready for sampling.
  • Check the finished goods (Packed and unpacked) in proportional to assortment of styles, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Check before it is delivered to the applicant.
  • Randomly draw samples for inspection by AQL standard. (Level II or otherwise specified by the applicant)
  • Besides product workmanship check, also check PO, style, color, measurement, bar-code/assortment/labelling check, packaging and shipping mark and other specified by the applicant.
  • Before final random inspection, the Inspector shall:
    • Ask for packing list and check
    • Check available quantity of shipment lot
    • Sampling
    • Check equipment calibration status and verify equipment
  • During final random inspection, inspection items are generally included, but not limited to the following:
    • Quantity available
    • Product description, style & colour
    • Workmanship
    • Data measurement / check
    • Form of packaging
    • Shipping marks
    • Other item(s) specified by the applicant

Loading Supervision & Container stuffing supervision.

  • Exact loading time is very important.
  • The loading time for 1 container is usually within 3 hours.
  • Criteria of checking:
    • Quantity of goods
    • Quality of shipping container
    • Loading Process of goods
    • Witness the sealing of container.
  • Photos are taken for reference.
  • Before loading, the Inspector shall:
    • Record the weather condition
    • Record arrival time of container
    • Record and take photo on the container (and truck if available), information of container number and license board should be legible.
    • Walk around the container to check the outer surface condition
    • Go into the container to check the inside condition (e.g. damage / odor / water leakage)
    • Close the door to check any clearance at doors
  • Record and verify whether the following items are conformed to applicant’s requirement, otherwise call office to report the situation and seek advice whether the inspection should be aborted
    • Check the factory’s submitted packing list to see if the loaded quantity complied with ordered from applicant’s description, etc.
    • The correct shipping mark / form of packing / carton size of goods to be loaded, etc.
    • Randomly draw and open several shipping package units to check the packing of goods including quantity, marking, assortment, etc., and take photo.
    • Actual finding will be recorded on the Provisional Inspection Report.
  • During loading, the Inspector shall:
    • Count the quantity of goods and record the condition of outer packaging (master cartons / pallets) to see any wet or damage.
    • Close monitor and control the shipping packaging units at ANY TIME of loading process, to make sure we always know the number of shipping packaging units inside shipping container at any time of whole loading process.
    • Record loading status or loaded quantity by writing or photos.
    • If the loading process needs pause due to uncertain reason, the inspector should work with factory and driver to find a method to seal the shipping container temporarily, e.g. we may use our additional plastic sealer to lock the door and tell other parties do not open it, after we return, we can cut it and continue the loading.
    • Check against the quantity after all goods are put into the container whether it is complied with ordered / packing list or not.
    • Compared our result with the contact person or factory representative. If there is any deviation, unload and then reload the goods.
  • Technical Audit/ Factory Evaluations

To evaluation factory capacity, capabilities & quality management system before starting production activities of new suppliers. This process will determine adopted quality level standard followed by supplier.

This process may consist of following parameters.

  • Organizational Structure, Responsibility and Management Authority  
  • Supplier Approval and Performance Monitoring 
  • Product Identification and Traceability  
  • Management of Incidents and Product Recall  
  • Complaint Handling  
  • Corrective Action  
  • Training  
  • Procedures  
  • Document Control  
  • Record Keeping


  • Building Exterior AND Interior  
  • Layout/Product Flow  
  • Lighting  
  • Equipment and Maintenance  
  • Cleaning  
  • Health and Personal Hygiene  
  • Pest Control  
  • Glass Control Program  
  • Chemical Residue Control


  • Hazard and Risk Assessment System (HRAS)  
  • Specifications and Codes of Practice  
  • Product Analysis /Testing  
  • Segregation and Stock Rotation  
  • Foreign Body Contamination  
  • Product Release  
  • Control of Non-Conforming Product


  • Control of Operations  
  • Incoming Raw Materials Control  
  • In-Process Control AND Process Inspection  
  • Final Inspection  
  • Labelling and Packing 
  • Reference Samples  
  • Calibration and Control of Measuring and Monitoring Devices


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