Home decor and home-ware products have been known to define the aesthetic perspective of the house and its respective owner. However the new-age discerning consumers of today are focused not only on the beautyaspect but also the quality and safety aspect of the home-ware products. At Geo Chem these safety and quality concerns are our utmost priority. We provide complete assurance of your home-wares and interior decors so that they are compliant with the highest quality and safety standards.


Our comprehensive testing service goes through a rigorous method of inspection, testing, auditing and validation providing certification services for all home-ware products.Geo Chem adheres to national and international standards in home-ware testing on a wide range of house decor and utility itemslike cutlery, kitchen electrical appliances, food contact items, furnishings, furniture, candles, diffusers, pet products and many other household products; We ensure that the beauty, utility and safety of every home-ware product goes hand in hand.

Our Testing Services Cover:


Geo-chem assesses all kind ofhome furnishings for mandatory compliance to designated standards. It conducts intensive testing on furnishings like bedcovers, bedsheets, duvets, blankets, cushions, pillows, curtains, dining table covers and dining mats. Testing is conducted for fiber identification, fiber blend composition, flammability testing, colour resistance and fading testing to washing and drying under the sun.


Home decor items enhances the aesthetic appeal of any house. To ensure that they are safe and reliable too Geo Chem conducts a range of tests on various home decor items such as candles, diffusers, lanterns, crystal vases, pottery and so on. Various tests are conducted such as :Physical and chemical property testing of materials to check for toxic constituents, Flammability and thermal shock testing in case of candles and different light holders, Impact testing, pressure strength testingin case of glass decor and so on. All these testing ensures that there is no safety hazard while handling and decorating these items.

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