Geo Chem Middle East CPS inaugurates packaging lab on the September 28

GeoChem expands services with state-of-the-art packaging lab in Dubai

Geo Chem Middle East CPS aims to continuously ensure the Safety and Quality of products across the MENA region and globally. The organization witnessed an expansion in services to meet the domestic and global demand for packaging testing Services. On the 28th of September the Testing, Inspection and Certification organization saw the opening of its state-of-the-art packaging laboratory in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. An expansion to its already comprehensive testing, inspection, and certification portfolio across many industries such Textiles testing, Children toys testing, Leather and footwear testing, hard Line, analytical testing etc

Manish Kumar, CEO, Geo Chem Middle East CPS explains why safety and quality are critical to the brand.

" Safety and Quality has been our foremost priority in the TIC industry. We have achieved this goal through our exceptional services in the field of Testing, Inspection and Certification. Geo Chem strives to work in close partnership that offers its clients added value, loyalty, and guidance throughout the process from manufacturer to end user, ensuring their product is fit to domestic and international standards. Moreover, we continue to support multiple governmental bodies in their vision to ensure safety and quality of regulated commodities. We are pleased to have this new expansion in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the support we have observed in the region is unmatched along with a prime location to meet local and international TIC demands. I would like to take this opportunity to announce further expansions in our services in the very near future"

Geo-Chem Middle East CPS is part of Geo Chem Middle East Group which has built exceptional experience and knowledge over the past 22 years in the TIC industry. To ensure and deliver the highest level of service Geo Chem Middle East CPS has gained international accreditations to support its activities. We are fully qualified to test the Safety and Quality of a range of products according to all international standards.

Today, we are proud to say, Geo Chem group is one of the leading Testing, Inspection and Certification organizations in the region and strive to continuously develop and improve our services to meet global demand”

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