Household Appliance Testing

Geo Chem provides safety testing, analysis, experiment on all the parts, components, materials and finished product. The main component of household appliance testing consist of safety, quality, power efficiency and reliability.

Geo Chem provides Quality Assurance solutions for all household appliance:

  • Energy label evaluation for cookers and ovens.
  • Security testing for oven doors.

Our services:

Provide Regulatory Requirements

Geo Chem has the proficiency to provide all testing requirement to household appliances. We provide safety testing as per global requirements.

  • Safety Testing: The appliance is safe to the consumer is of utmost importance. We provide electrical, sanitation, heat testing, reliability testing and service life testing.
  • Performance Testing

Geo Chem conducts performance tests against the standard relevant to the market. We have the competence to test all kinds of household appliances. Performance Testing provides usability, durability and functionality of the products.

Environmental Tests

The environmental testing include a series of test for interpreting the correlation between product and environment. These test are performed as a component of the product safety inspection.

Insulation Material Testing

Insulation material testing is an important aspect of product safety. Insulation materials protect what they envelop from undesirable external forces such as cold, moisture, heat. We provide insulation material testing at the initial stage to check your product for government standards with consideration to heat resistance and leakage. In this segment, we provide services such as-

  • Checking the flammability of materials and complete product.
  • Early revelation and modification of weakness at the initial stage which could lead to breakdown during operation.
  • Needle flame test is done in order to check the impact of small flames on household appliance.
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